Ojibwe-made creations by Ozaawaabinesiik

Boozhoo, Ozaawaabinesiik indigo. Keira nindizhinikaaz. Mooz nindoodem, Oshkiibo'gaaning nindoonjii.
Hello, the spirits know me as Ozaawaabinesiik (Golden Eagle Woman). My english name is Keira. I an am anishinaabekwe artist, mother, sister, and auntie. My childhood home is in the Treaty 3 territory of North-Western Ontario, but I call Thunder Bay, ON my home now. I love to create things, with a focus on beadwork, sewing regalia and applique, leatherwork, as well as many other different craft items.

I always do my best to create from a place of love and healing, so I put that energy into my work with hopes that the love and healing energy will pass on to its new owners. If you have any question, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me.heart

Mii'i. Miigwech bizindaawiyeg.
Thank you for listening.

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