Beadwork By Saga - "If you know how to sew, or have a skill.... youll never go hungry. youll always have bread on the table" - Elsie Kwandibens (My Late Grandmother) 

I started beadworkbysaga when i was pregnant with my daughter. my motivation came out of my fear of failing and not being able to provide for her. since then i have held my now, late grandmothers words of wisdom to set my motivation as an evolving artist.  I am a bead artist (@beadworkbysaga) a workshop facilitator as well as a tattoo artist (@inkedbyindigenous) 

Beadwork By Saga is an evolving brand. We Specialize in using the following materials: Quills, Antlers, Tuft, Birchbark, Seal Skin, Beadwork & most recently acrylic pours for all of you amazing artists out there to hop on that DIY trend !! 

Ships to: Canada

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