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Taanishi! (Hello) I'm Chantel aka Aen Moonstr! (Monster!)

I am a Métis woman residing in New Westminster BC. My family came from Pigeon Lake, Alberta to BC in the 1930's. I have always felt a small connection with my Métis heritage but as I got older I lost that connection due to different family events. Learning to bead has been such a healing outlet for me and a way for me to get closer with my Ancestors. Everytime I make a piece; it connects me closer to my heritage that was lost and fills me with great pride to be from the Métis Nation. My older sister and Mom taught me the basics which was passed down to them which got me started. I continue to learn different techniques as I go along my beading journey. Ive also added my craft of resin into my beadwork as well, creating one of a kind cabochons for the centre of some of my pieces. Each piece; even though they're not traditional; have a uniqueness to them to make them one of a kind. I will always mix up colors or change the pattern slightly so no two are exactly the same and unique to the owner. I mix traditional beading techniques with Horror, Halloween or alternative designs. Beading with love in my mind and heart to put good intentions into each piece.

I will always add a spirit bead to every piece I make; some can be noticeable or some can be hidden. 

The spirit bead is placed in an otherwise flawless piece of art as an act of humility, a way of recognizing the inherent imperfection of humans. 

I actually deliberately put spirit beads into the work I’m going to sell. I choose a spot that’s not going to be too obvious, then deliberately add the wrong colour of bead.

Why would I do this?

Well, it marks the piece out as mine. Other people might make a similar design, but mine will always be original because of my spirit bead. Think of it as a trademark if you will. It reminds us that nothing in this world is perfect and to embrace the beauty of being different. 

During a very hard time in my life I decided to take my creative journey and jumped two feet in to starting my own business. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I had to change my day job because it was too hard on my body to keeping doing what I was doing. I started 3 years ago with making resin pieces and spiderweb dreamcatchers. I continue to still use those techniques to this day with making hand poured resin cabochons for my beading so each piece has more uniqueness to them. 

I'm really a Creative Monster at heart! Where I got my name from plus I do everything Monsterously; putting my whole heart into everything I get to create ✨

Miigwetch for reading and checking out my small business! 

I take custom orders! If you would like a recreated piece in differnet colors or something I don't have availible at the moment; Just send me a message and we can work out something that you will love!

How to Take Care of your Beadwork:

I always use high quality glue, thread and glass beads but sometimes accidents happen! Here are some tips on how to take care of your beadwork and how to make sure to keep it around for years.

1. Each pair of earrings or necklace should be taken off when getting into water of any kind.

2. Keep away from soap, alcohol, paint or any other liquids as this could get sucked up by the material and ruin the beadwork, possibly causing it to fall apart. 

3. Make sure to keep them away from pets! I have a dog and sometimes he gets curiuos about the shiney things I have so I make sure to keep it away and up out of reach. Cats especially!

4. Above also goes for kids! They love to get into things and play which is okay but my beadwork has small parts (beads) to them and I would'nt want them to get ahold of them and think its candy! Make sure to keep it out of reach of tiny hands.

Enjoy your new Beadwork!



If you have any problems with your beadwork arriving damaged or broken, please send me a message within 14 days of reciving your order and I will be happy to replace anything that needs replacing. I will just ask that you cover the mailing fee according to what type of shipping you would like. Maarsi/ Thank you 


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