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Proceeds from each purchase are reinvested into Shawish, allowing us to maintain our commitment to providing Indigenous vendors with a platform free of monthly and transaction fees. 

With the new customization options for Shawish virtual storefronts, vendors can now express their brand's unique personality like never before! Dive into a world of creativity with the ability to tailor every aspect of your online presence. Choose from a variety of elegant or bold fonts and drench your text in a spectrum of colors to match your style. Transform your shop's background with a serene color palette or upload a vibrant photo to set the mood. Elevate the shopping experience by adding music that resonates with your brand's vibe, making every visit memorable. Plus, select from four distinctive templates designed to showcase your products in the best light. These customization tools empower you to create a virtual storefront that truly reflects your brand's essence and attracts more customers.

Ships to: Canada

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